Apple just dropped the bomb-shell of an announcement at MacWorld. Here’s the summary of details:

– 320 x 480 resolution (updated), 3.5″ wide screen
– 4gb and 8gb of Flash storage
– Runs on OS X
– Battery runs 5 hours for video and talk-time, 16 hours for music

The screen size and the device size is what I’m always most interested in. Like I did before, here are some screen comparisons to the “other” two popular portable devices:


To truly appreciate the display size, here are some overlays – notice that the screen is almost the same width as Zune’s screen, but while Zune fits 240 pixels in 1.8 inches across, iPhone stuffs 320 pixels in 2 inches, that’s 20% higher pixel density. This obviously improves the picture sharpness and the amount of information you can have in the same space.


Amazingly, even some of the most optimistic leaks were off mark, as iPhone really pushes technology forward – nicely done Apple!

Update: Apple has published the actual screen resolution so I’ve updated the article accordingly and used the proper press photos of the device.


Big move!

January 9, 2007

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